Technical and post sales assistance

Agazzi Containers srl offers a complete post sales service.

Our qualified and experienced technicians are able to reply to all customers request of information, clarifying any doubts.

Moreover, our technical office strictly collaborate with different skilled consultants in order to study and develop solutions customized on customers’ needs and requests.

Agazzi Containers srl post sales service is available for Italy and part of Switzerland and France.

Agazzi Containers srl supply a full assistance and maintenance services in order to limit costly machine downtimes.


MCTC vehicle inspection / Inail verification

Agazzi Containers Srl guarantees a complete service also for which concern  MCTM vehicles inspections and INAIL review.

Our high-skilled staff predispose all the kind of vehicles and equipements for the following test:

  •  MCTC inspection of roll off equiments to obtain ADR Transport documents
  • MCTC  inspection of containers to obtain the ADR Transport documents
  • MCTC supplementary certificates concerning the  pairing of container / ADR truck
  • Crane commissioning documents
  • Crane assistance and periodic inspections

We, also, perform periodic cranes / loader inspections with a qualified
subject.(D.L. 81/08 article 71)
Moreover, we organize in our headquarters the mandatory trainings for
the users of lifting devices (D.L. 81/08 of 09/04/2009).

Warehouse and Logistics

Warehouse Agazzi containers

Agazzi Containers Srl, thanks to a wide and complete range of spare parts in stock, can guarantee the repair of:

  • Containers
  • Compactors
  • ATIB - MEC - BOB - TAM hooklifts
  • MARCHESI - EPSILON – JONSERED cranes and loaders
  • Tipper semitrailers
  • Trailers

The repairs  are quickly managed to limit the expenses and problems caused by machines downtime.

Logistic Agazzi containers

Agazzi Containers Srl  guarantees, also, an excellent logistic organization.

Each delivery is managed by partners specialized in the shipment of our equipments all over the country.

In Italy, spare parts  shipment  is guaranteed  in 24hrs.




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